About Us

Holy Spirit School, a 2007 and 2014 nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, is located in the heart of St. Matthews, just minutes from just about anywhere in Louisville, KY. Since we are located on a major thoroughfare, there is easy access to our school and parish.

In 2003, the parish and school underwent a major renovation. As a result, the campus includes the church, Rotunda, Dining Commons, three large meeting rooms, gymnasium, a multipurpose space and classrooms. The school consists of a Pre-K program, two classrooms each for grades K – 8 and a science lab, music room, art room, and a newly renovated library and computer lab.

The recent renovation of the library provided for an update of the physical space along with an additional $40,000 purchase of books. It contains 10 computer work stations, tables, chairs and soft seating areas to go along with a lower level where students can work in small groups as well as enjoy story readings.

The renovated computer lab is home to 32 new computer stations that are entirely networked. There is a repeating budget to ensure that the computers are no older than two years old.

Along with the technology in the library and computer lab, each classroom is equipped with a minimum of one student station, a ceiling mounted projector and Smart Board. Several student response systems are available as well as a few classroom sound systems that are used throughout the school.