Preschool 3s

Welcome to where our youngest Falcons thrive. In recognizing the various needs of three-year-old children, we offer two (2), three (3), and five (5) day options as well as two drop off times (7:30 or 9:00). The days are filled with predictable routines, hands on learning opportunities, songs, movement, letters, numbers, play and so much more. Holy Spirit Afterschool Care is available.

Students entering PreK 3’s should be 3-years old by August 1.

In the event that more students register than available space, the following preference guidelines will be used:

  1. Siblings of students currently enrolled in K –8.
  2. Members of Holy Spirit Parish.
  3. Catholic members from other parishes.
  4. Non-Catholic students.(The August 1st cut-off date is in line with kindergarten admissions. Children must be 5 by August 1st to enter kindergarten.)

Three-year olds bring a special addition to our school. What sets three year old children apart? Three-year olds have a newfound ability to express themselves in words and ideas. We will foster this growth during daily small group learning, morning meetings and daily routines. We will focus all these activities into building more complex social skills, emerging self-awareness, and developing the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning.

We offer several options for PreK 3 students:

5-Day Full Day
  • Monday - Friday
  • 7:40 - 2:30 or 9:00-2:30
3-Day Full Day
  • Choose Any 3-Days (M-F)
  • 7:40 - 2:30 or 9:00-2:30
2 -Day Full Day
  • Choose Any 2-Days (M-F)
  • 7:40-2:30 or 9:00-2:30

Things you need to know:

    • PreK and PreK 3’s will have the same cost (current pricing available for review)
    • PreK 3’s will offer two carpool options at no additional cost
    • PreK 3’s will have flexibility as we introduce these little learners to our school
    • Gym, Library, Art, & Spanish will be included in our curriculum
    • Creative Curriculum will be utilized as well as additional materials to achieve the Archdiocese Early Learning Standards

Uniforms available at Shaheen’s

  •  Afterschool Care is available